Lockdown isn’t as bad as it seems, break out of the spiral and use it to our gain. 

Lockdown is a huge pain, however there is a positive side to it too!
Everyone else is slowing down and slacking off right now, we can use this time to catchup and push ourselves further in life!
We get a break from a lot of our commitments; we can use this time to rearrange our lives and figure out what exactly we like and don’t like doing.
We can use this time to plan and properly structure our future instead of meandering through it.
We can also use this time to pick up new hobbies and learn new things!
See… it’s not all bad!  

Some tips from us here at Blazers, basketball and non-basketball related, starting with what not to do:  

Lockdown is FUN 

by Pasindu Sirimanne