Sydney Blazers reviews policies and procedures often

Please note details regarding Codes of Conduct, Child Protection, Taking Images of Children, Anti-Discrimination & Harassment, Alcohol, Pregnancy, Gender Identity, Bullying and Social Network Sites are all covered within the Basketball Australia Member Protection Policy (Basketball Australia National Integrity Framework).


Unless otherwise mentioned under Sydney Blazers’ Policies & Procedures, Sydney Blazers will always follow the policies and procedures of

  1. Venue owners, Model Farms High School and Bella Vista Public School (Hills Shire Council), where Sydney Blazers hires the venues from
  2. Competitions Hosts, Hills Basketball Association or any other associations Sydney Blazers taking part.
  3. Tournaments hosts if applicable
  4. NSW Basketball
  5. Basketball Australia

Fees and Refund Policy

SBBA Skills Academy Fees

  • Invoiced per term.
  • Full payment must be paid before the 1st


SBBA Competition & Training program Fees

  • Invoiced for the entire season.


Payment Terms

  • Option 1: Upfront full payment
  • Option 2: Monthly instalments of 4 payments as informed via email or on the website before the registration and will incur additional administration fee.


Payment Methods      

  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Online Payment
  • Active & Creative Kids Voucher
  • Credit Cards


Refund Policy

During a Normal Season /Term

  • No Skills Academy fees will be refunded nor negotiated.
  • No Competition & Training Program fees can be refunded nor negotiated.
  • No Holiday Program fees will be refunded nor negotiated.


  • Major medical reason if the injured player can be replaced by a new player for the entire season.


Active and Creative Kids Vouchers

  • We accept the vouchers and can be redeemed as part of your fees.
  • The vouchers are not refundable.
  • If we receive incorrect or already redeemed vouchers an admin fee of $10 will be charged.


Active and Creative Kids Voucher Rules

  • Adhere to NSW Government Active and Creative Kids rules

Can only use the voucher with the players’ names on it.


  • Training will be focused on fitness, skill development, teamwork and competition plays
  • Coaching will be done by independent young and experienced coaches
  • Players with exceptional leadership skills will be given the opportunity to become junior coaches
  • For all age group teams training is compulsory for the players who joins to play for our teams.
  • Please mark absence on Think smart. Unless there is a valid reason , regular absentees will get less court time in the competitions.


  • Season

    • There are two seasons per a calendar year –

    Winter (School Term 2 & School Term 3 )

    Summer ( School term 4 and School Term 1 of the next year )

    • One season has two school Terms
    • Once enrolled players must play for both term of the season


    Competition Attendance

    • It’s mandatory to inform the absenteeism in advance.
    • Please mark on Think smart if you cannot make and update the reason. If absences not informed, the players will not be allowed to play the next competition game
    • If Sydney Blazers must forfeit the game by not having enough players- Sydney Blazers will invoice the forfeit charge to the parents who did not inform


    • All the players must wear full competition uniform for games.
    • No training singlets will be allowed to wear for the games.
    • If uniform is not available, a black short with pockets, black T-shirt and Hills Basketball hire top must we worn
    • Any undershirts must be black, and no other colours will be allowed by Sydney Blazers
    • Players will not be allowed to play Semi Finals or Finals if Sydney Blazers full uniform is not worn.


    Player Substitution

    • The lower division players may get the opportunity to fill in for higher division team when there are absentees. This is an opportunity for the players. Sydney Blazers will contact you when we need fill ins for teams.


    Parents Duty/Scoring

    • Parents are assigned duties either when they are rostered to do the scoring or to represent Sydney Blazers as in the capacity of adult supervision,
    • Inform the Team co-ordinator or via email to Sydney Blazers if you cannot attend duties and make alternative arrangements.
    • We will assign the player to score if you are unable to co-operate and attend.
    • No player or parents to be disrespectful to any staff or volunteers of any organisation while being part of Sydney Blazers program.


    Player Game Time Policy

    • Each player to have reasonable and fair playing time on preliminary rounds of the competition.
    • Coaches have the right to play certain players more whenever they feel required.
    • In critical games semi-finals or finals or double point games – coaches may take decisions to play certain players longer and others less
    • Training attendance is considered when deciding playing time unless pre-approved.


    Team Structure and Competition Readiness

    • Coaches will make decisions re the competition readiness of the players.
    • Players to be placed in divisions appropriate to the standard of the players and to be trained accordingly.


    Team Co-ordinators ( TCs)

    • To improve the communication with the parents each team taking part in competition will be appointed a voluntary team coordinator.
    • Team coordinators are parents of one of the team members.
    • Sydney Blazers will share the mobile number of the parents of that team with TCs
    • The TCs will form a WhatsApp’s group for general communication
    • Their main responsibility is to remind parents of scoring and to forward any other important information Sydney Blazers requesting from them.
    • TCs are not intermediate messengers of parents to Sydney Blazers
    • Parents /Guardians must directly communicate with Sydney Blazers with any matters relating to them and/or player attendance

Think Smart Portal

    • Sydney Blazers is using Think Smart SportsBitz in team management, Invoicing and for communication.
    • Please update players Full Name, Date of birth, parents contact details Phone number, Mobile Number, emergency contact number in ThinkSmart portal



    • Update in the app if you cannot attend training or competition games.

Code of Conduct

      • Players must be obedient and follow the instructions of the coaches.
      • Sydney Blazers has no discrimination in any kind and no bullying allowed.
      • None of the staff, players or parents will behave in such a manner to disgrace Sydney Blazers during competition or any other time that represent the club.
      • Adhere to Basketball NSW code of conduct, rules and regulations, policies, and procedure and to any other organisations Sydney Blazers compete in or use the facilities of.
      • Any type of canvassing or recruiting of Sydney Blazers players either by parents or players that can result disharmony to the Sydney Blazers or can cause potential issues to the Club, staff and the players are not accepted. The club has the authority to take disciplinary action that can potentially remove players from a team and/or the club.


      Disciplinary Process for breach of code of conduct

      • Sydney Blazers will contact relevant authorities immediately if we witness any kind of criminal behaviour/act from a player or guardian or spectator.
      • Sydney Blazers will abide by the law to follow instructions of the relevant authorities.
      • Sydney Blazers will not tolerate any type of harassment or abuse towards a Junior Coach. If this happens, we will immediately suspend any person by attending our training venues or attending the games for a reasonable time decided by Sydney Blazers.


      For any another unsportsmanlike or unprofessional behaviour from players

      • Step 1 – Players will be warned by the coaches or the management.
      • Step 2 – If behaviour persists parents will be informed, and warning letters will be sent.
      • Step 3- If behaviour persists Players will be suspended from attending training and playing in competition for 2 weeks.
      • Step 4 – If behaviour persists players will not be allowed to attend training or competition at Sydney Blazers


      Unprofessional behaviour from Parents /Guardians or Spectators

      • Any type of unprofessional behaviour will not be tolerated by Sydney Blazers and will result similar suspension as described above.



      • Any complain please email to
      • Under no circumstances directly accuse or complain to junior coaches re any matter.

Child Safety

      • All the players who is younger than 12 years must be accompanied by a parent during the training and games
      • Sydney Blazers requests all the parents to accompany players for the games.
      • Under no circumstances coaches or management can take responsibility for the safety of the players after the games
      • All the players who is under the age of 12 years must be picked up from the court the players are training on or playing. DO NOT ASK YOUR CHILDR TO COME TO THE CAR IF THEY ARE UNDER 12 YEARS OLD
      • It’s parents/guardians’ responsibility to inform the coach or the management or arrange it with another parent for any late pickup or any other emergency, if you are concerned about the players safety.
      • Sydney Blazers rarely may finish sessions few minutes early. If this happens, we will keep all the players who are U 12 inside the courts until the parents to pick them up
      • Sydney Blazers will not take responsibility to look after where about of children who 12 years is above unless parents/guardians specifically inform us of any concerns.


      • Communication

        • Sydney Blazers’ main communication method is via email.
        • Also uses ThinkSmart portal messaging.
        • Sydney Blazers will use Txt messages only to inform any urgent cancellations on the same day.
        • Sydney Blazers will contact you over the phone to any urgent matters or for any emergency
        • Any communication to Sydney Blazers please email to



        Photo Policy

        • Sydney Blazers will take initial approval from the parents for the club to take photos of players, to place them in any social media, web pages or any other advertising materials.

        Emergency Process

        • Collect information on registration, emergency contacts, any medical or other conditions that Sydney Blazers need to be aware of the players to provide them a safer environment

        Non-Disclosure of Information

        • Sydney Blazers do not take any responsibility for matters that occur due to non-disclosures.